Treating: Hartz Louse Flea & Tick Dog Shampoo, bath in it & wash hair with ; check

Streptomycin: posit streptomycin is just old potato sugars, which treat “tularemia” (embedded ticks etc.)…Then eat alot of potato the vegetable either raw or cooked or fried & or Mott’s Clamato Bloody Caesar vodka drinks, bottles, or cans…check (potato cyanide is the theory here. lowers blood sugars too-counterintuitive but logical)…

regular ice cream being analogous to low dose antibiotics: eat alot of Haagen daazs or Ben & Jerrys or whatever grocery store brand…check, edit: uncheck, this step may be a misstep!!!

wash linens & clothes towels on white because white cycle is hottest, check.

Cut & bleach hair, check…

Quarantine yourself, check.

Smoke cigarettes based on the cyanide in the cigarettes kill bugs maybe in bloodstream, check (2 cigarettes only per dose), check

Oxy Clean spray adjunct on objects lightly, check.

Tell/warn others, check.

to be continued…

p.s. aspirin induces anemia which allows them to become disinterested., check, as do over the counter sleeping pills, check.

other anemia inducers (on purpose): eat peanut butter high in manganese will drop iron levels, check

jewellery: rubies (induce pooping), pink tourmaline (is manganese, drops iron), selenite (lowers blood sugars in pancreas, is garlic), jade (cleans out kidneys relieves pressure), zinc (lowers lead levels in thyroid gland)…

Ok, we seem to have a contradiction in recommended treatments: on the one hand I know to induce anemia…On the other hand, raising blood sugar levels by using antibiotics seems contradictory to anemia recommendation…why?(AHA, streptomycin is potato cyanide, which maxes out the cyanides while not upping the sugar too much)…ok check

I know sugar collapses the pancreas causing diabetes…I also know that antibiotics raise blood sugar & collapse the pancreas causing diabetes…So why am I inducing anemia while raising blood sugar to treat tularemia???

Then, I have to go with my gut…Perhaps streptomycin is not the correct answer for treating tularemia…

I know anemia is good for getting rid of bugs…So I have to go with Lowering the blood sugar in cases of bugs…

So then the internet advice is Wrong??? Maybe… we’ll see…to be cont’d later…note to self, must buy some potatoes-possibly eat them raw…check.

rubbed shea butter mixed with epsom salts behind ears based on theory that epsom salts magnesium sulfate kill poop (mercury is poop), and that lice & poop are similar…check

metal comb came with tea tree oil lice egg box , note tea tree oil was more of a placebo not impressed with efficacity but having metal comb was important- note comb through after lubricating hair with something…(I used coconut oil solid form)…check

washed hair with Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo daily-makes you feel fresh, ran out of the conditioner though too bad…check

aspirin makes me feel better also induces anemia which is good in this case…check…

olanzapine zyprexa is lead, which is wrong, but dulls the mind so you don’t freak out about the fact that you have bugs in your hair…check, uncheck

gin & tonic didn’t help much either cause gin adds juniper berries which ups your red blood cell count, the tonic has quinine in it which kills mosquitoes which lice are not, but getting drunk made me fall asleep which was nice…check , uncheck…

sharing that I got lice from trying to help a furry friend…priceless…(in fact lice come from humans not wildlife…by the way, but if a human with lice feeds a wildlife then the wildlife could carry it to another dumb human like me)…check…

editor’s note: add saved draft here…Thursday’s…

try chocolate covered orange peels for breast health, chocolate covered grapefruit rinds for ovary health, chocolate covered lemon peels for nipple & aureole health…!

Cigarettes induce hypoxia lead sounds like ‘led’ anemia by increasing zinc in your bloodstream to your thyroid gland which is good for killing any mites in your bloodstream- starving them to death, just be careful not to starve yourself in the process too! (Ha)

ylang ylang are oranges for your breasts, eucalyptus are aloe for your skin grafts, tea tree oil is for your hair shaft, lemon citronella is for your nipples & aureoles (Oreos)…(ha)…

I walked 5 kilometeres uphill today & 5 kilometres back home downhill which makes 10.03 kilometeres cause we stopped to say hi to Maryse at 20 Glebe who does aesthetics, & to Allan at urban frame who knows the difference between Frass & Jasper Johns, & we stopped at Sporting Life for their BOGO offer which was buy one pair of running shoes get one pair at half off but we only bought one pair cause they didn’t have some Joseph liked & only three choices in elevens for me…One was brooks which I got, one was Asics which were 169.99 & black but Joseph said too smushy, & one were Nike’s in purple which Joseph said were so squishy out of the question…& some nice people left whole muffins & whole bagels for the little birds & faith in humanity has been restored again…Yay!

Had a bath in Epsom Salts, rubbed them into my head, shampooed with tea tree oil shampoo mmmmm like that smell, & drank another Bloody caesare cause tomatoes are not friends of raccoons & neither is vodka cause of the potato cyanide, & I had a DuMaurier cigarette cause cigarettes kill everything which is good if you think you have Tula- tula- re-mi-a tula- tula – re-mia (sing to the tune of C’mon Eileen!)…

A girl at Sporting Life named Krysta in shoe section “she just laughed” like the Tiny dancer in Elton John’s song…Gay pride parade is this weekend I am opening up a booth to screen if participants are really homo or not, if not they must go home, this is only for Homos people! heteros need not apply…Plus you all just pee on our sidewalks when we aren’t looking & that is like gross AND lice inducing…(like as a race have we not progressed where the human male can use a TOILET I mean HELLO??? (our cats even know how to pee in a box…) (no insult to cats btw)…

Ok, correction: It’s not that tea Tree oil, ylang ylang, citronella, eucalyptus mixes don’t work in treatment of flea tick lice, but that OLD formulations which sit on a warm shelf too long don’t work…(re: the Noah’s natural Foods product that came with the spray herbal treatment & the tweezers, magnifying glass & nice metal comb which does work)…(haven’t tried tweezers nor glass since it is hard to do that on your own head & who wants to ask somebody else to do it???)(got husband to comb my hair for 5 minutes though, but that was about it…)

Oh, did I mention our washing machine sort of went Kaput in the middle of all this…Totally awesome…The Bay is having a 10 percent sale off washers this weekend if I print out an email from them that I didn’t get & don’t own a printer…Thinking of the GE Portable 24 inch top loading 40 minute wash cycle contraption, mainly because it has a Magic Filter for cat hair…(my bad)…(also it soaks clothes for 40 minutes instead of 25 which has got to make them cleaner…also it doesn’t vibrate much which is good in washing machines…(the noise & movement drive me even further nuts than I am already right now)…Also it has a cool folding top lid…also I like General Electric generally…Also we watched three videos of the whole cycle on Youtube which is neat…(21 minutes washes in detergent, then 9 minutes rinse, then 9 minutes drain & spin…)

July 1st, 2011 *5th haircut self-given with help from educated neighbour who reverse-osmotes good hairstyling tips from her pores, brush hair, grab into a ponytail shape with one hand, twist & twist & twist, grab haircutting scissors on other hand, cut a sizeable chunk as you let it unroll if it wants to, flush ends down toilet…repeated 4 times over the course of two weeks…For shorter hair on top, grab just that top shorter layer, pull into a ponytail shape, twist & twist & twist, cut a sizeable chunk of those ends, flush down toilet…

smoked a dumaurier cigarette today…hypoxia means I have to sit down to do it…cyanide in cig. should kill floaters in bloodstream…window open, air conditioning on…

weeping widow sculpture evokes april wine’s song weeping widow. I knew suggestion person knew the song from 1973. considering chanign name to weeping wiower or weeping winnow or weeping willow, or something else…maybe.

If lice eggs like alkalinity, then I nuke them with acid…if crawling lice bugs which are brown not beige like acidity, then I nuke them with alkalinity…Seems to be a hree day molting stage…The hartz dog lice flea tick shampoo seems to be hot acidic, which turns the eggs into crawling bugs with the heat…So if I have crawlers the coconut oil should work cause that is alkaline…If I have eggs I need acidity like vinegar…Right now because of the heat I think I need to alkalinize after the hot shower bath…gotta go…fingers crossed I don’t need a brushcut! (memories of harvard)…ogh…

cont’d: ate a potato baked with sour cream (creme fraiche in Normandy) & memories of butter (aka margerine)(whipped) not beaten…

ate some salad…the mold on the potato is streptomycin but cheaper than going to a doctor, a pharmacist & a cashier, as well as a little more tasty…(alkalinity kills the crawling bugs & since I am on the alkalinity rot. rotation right now, Joseph is correct in serving me the potato as well as buying it pre-molded from Longo’s thank you to them for that…(It’s hard to get good mold these days, mould…)

watching House a tv show. lady should eat a grapefruit with peel on, or just maybe a chocolate covered grapefruit peels…That should reverse the immune disorder…Unless she has already corrected with chemo, then we have over medicated. wait & see then, wait and see…fingers crossed…patience is a virtue.

antibiotics are like haagen daazs ice cream…HCM is weak heart…heart attack is usually a clog…let’s be clearer about whether it is a weak heart or an overly strong well or over fed heart people! (too much alcohol can further undernourish an already weak heart)…what type of alcohol do the prefer? gin is a red blood cell enhancer so now we have just broken our own rule, it is not enough to say alcoholic you must sa what type of alcohol they prefer…that will clue in to the self-medication route they have already chosen for themselves…If they are correcting successfully on their own, why do they need your help??? (maybe just flirting cause you are a cute younger doctor?)?

need to renew my driver’s licence online now…bye.

ate a baked potato cooked for one hour with sour cream & margarine (fake butter? maybe clarified butter?) anyway, the streptomycin in the mold on the potato finally kicked in…yay. if a potato biodegrades into components then the baked inner part is one part & the mold is another part, maybe the sugars? no, maybe the magnesium? potassium. probably the potassium is in the mold…well, then I am putting on my potassium moonstone jewellery if potassium is the answer….let’s see how that works . back in a minute. flash.


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