Strange thing:

The strange thing is that these DuMaurier cigarettes from the Rabbas at Davenport & just before Church street at the corner, the strange thing is, is that I think there is some sort of drug that has been added to them to make them more addictive…like a trace amount of lsd…Why I say this is because I haven’t smoked since over 15 years ago…I tried briefly in 2004 on a pack of marlborough lights from the Scollard Street deli, & these were good old normal American cigarettes, & well, I had the normal non-smoker reaction which was a head rush, & then I felt sick & they tasted gross…When I got this new pack with the new labelling (which is very weird), they were immediately addicting…I mean, IMMEDIATELY…I got them because I know nicotine is a pesticide & I was afraid of lice…But I had none of the normal adverse reactions or adversions…I am done with this experiment now, because I fear someone has tampered with these, & I really do not want to be a smoker…never did…It was just something I used to use when flying- maybe a tiny subtextual fear of flying kept me having an occasional cigarette to calm my nerves…Or it was a way to lose weight when I was thinking of modelling or auditioning for acting roles…When I got married & gave up the need to be skinny, it sort of fell away as a habit rather quickly…Plus I like oxygen…Anyways, what I want to say here is that I think someone is putting some new drugs into cigarettes that we have not seen before to make them extra special addictive…I post this as a warning to smokers, that if you chose to smoke, maybe check your tobacco or try to roll your own from tobacco you know for sure what is in it…really..Nicotine & tobacco have their medicinal uses , but I do not approve of any “doctoring” of tobacco with acid(lsd) or any other drug tampering to create a physical or psychological dependency…Plus, I have to report, none of the efficacy of regular tobacco happened- in fact, I think the bugs were also actually attracted to the cigarette smoke- which is completely the opposite reaction to what is correct…So if you are smoking to keep the bugs at bay, make sure your smoke is actually doing exactly that…If not throw out the pack & get some safe cigarettes…I am not sure where the tampering has occurred but I am certain they have been tampered with…The fact that a Pakistani carwash & restaurant is right next door to the convenience store where I bought these, indicates to me that someone is out to hurt these people…I can only guess the Russians, who are usually the culprit lately when it comes to hurting our friends in the Middle East…The plot thickens…

Strange thing…

Notes(on fighting the lice): Life brand lice shampoo good buy, Combantrin anti-parasitic pills good buy, Nix anti-scabies cream good buy, Miele vacuum cleaner good buy, Herbatint hair bleach colours good buy, scissors to cut hair from Cosmetic World good buy,  new New balance running shoes good buys, New clothing from Mark’s Work Warehouse good buy…

more notes on fight against lice: laboratory created lice need these conditions to survive: (& the ones I am encountering now are DEFINITELY LABORATORY CREATED)…they need 90 degree fahrenheit temperature or 32 degrees Celsius temperature…(OK so make it COLD where you live…)2) They like COTTON…So put away your cotton clothing & wear all synthetics…3)Edit: No this is wrong!: (A mixture resembling epsom salts plus baking soda plus 60 % alcohol (you could use vodka) was used as a disinfectant…)( I am positing that mercuric chloride plus alcohol is an old chemistry term for my new maybe better formulation guess-or maybe not-have to look this up…Ok, no mercuric chloride was an altogether different thing which I am not going to recommend ’cause there are better things today to use as disinfectants)…4)These lab lice also like wool, so again, wear synthetics…5)Not all lice have typhus as a by the way…Lice on their own do not transmit disease…A louse has to be infected with typhus in order for either a vaccine to be made or a disease to be transmitted…(Big phew over here!!!)6)Lice need 45 minutes of feeding on human blood to survive…So, get rid of them FAST- don’t stall in seeking medical attention…7)The name of the typhus disease is the name of two people put together- one of the names sounds like ‘Rickets’ (which is a disease of the bones related to scurvy or lack of vitamin C)- on a longshot, if typhus is related to lack of vitamin C, then adding Vitamin C to your diet might be smart…!8)If pyrethrins are what we use today, & pyrethrins are related to vitamin D, sunshine, then…well, get some sunshine…Or a vitamin D patch…(possibly a nicotine patch might work too)(I am wearing 2 non-Deet thiamine B1 patches right now that I got from Mark’s Work Warehouse)… 9) This is the link source where I tried to figure out more ways to combat lice by studying how they were raised in the laboratory…(By the way- if you are seeing lice in Canada in 2011, they probably came from a laboratory, because this has not been a problem here for like 40 years or more…)

new thoughts: Commercial orange peel extract sprays? Eucalyptus & orange body essential oil sprays? treating carpet with salt & borax? Scabies mites burrow in your skin causing itchiness? Mites are white & like to crawl upward… Apparently Somalian(war torn country-lice-over-crowded country) populations who use public laundromats & then you come in & use the cold water setting (which doesn’t kill the mites)…Really strong organic tea tree shampoo is supposed to help….Ok, Borax Laundry Booster (washing clothing in Borax)(you can sprinkle Borax on carpets as well)…

“Epson salt is the best skin remedy. Take a shower, afterwards mix 50 percent epson salt, 50 percent water and rub on skin, allow to air dry or blow dry is even better. Your skin turns bright white b/c the water evaporates and leaves the salt covering your skin. It feels weird having the salt on your skin… really dry, but when you rub it off, your skin is soft underneath. Many people soak tired feet or warts in epson salt. If the mites are extremely bad, sleep with the salt on your skin. It rubs off onto the bed which is annoying but the little buggers dry up right away and it heals all bite marks on you.”The above quote is taken directly from this page(link below)- I am guessing the author won’t mind helping a friend in need… driving-me-crazy

Also ‘Hartz flea and tick powder for cats’ from the same link…Another piece of advice is Rid-X….here is an excellent forum …

from above forum excerpt:

” Oral ivermectin
Topical miticide like Elimite 5% permethrin or Benzemul or Ascabiol (same thing)
Benzyl Benzoate additive to laundry, wash and dry on hot.
70% rubbing alcohol on itchy spots, and spray shoes, environment, don’t forget to clean your car a lot. Maybe mix alcohol with BB.
Clean, vacuum, clean, vacuum.
If you’ve been scratching a lot you could have them under your fingernails too. Check the posts for that.
If you have pets they need to be treated too.
Vinyl zip covers for mattress and pillows, wipe daily with bleach.

another piece of advice: Folliculitis (treat this as if, with over the counter antibiotic cream & antibacterial soaps…)

“Get some ivermectin, permethrin, Benzemul and Borax.” another quote, same forum…

more ‘scabies’ “Then i applied the permite cream, from the neck downwards, without even missing a single square inch of my skin, i mean literally. I finished like 5 tubes.” (same forum)…

This is from a nurse: “I know this might sound crazy;however, Ive worked in a nursing home for 9 years, and I know all about Scabies.To treat them I would run a bath (as you usually would) Take bleach(of any kind)and place about 5-7 caps full in the bath.The bleach is deluted in by the water,so you won’t have to worry about it being too strong.Take a bath as you normally do. The bleach may dry your skin and may be a little harsh on your skin;however the itching will cease and the scabies will be gone. Do this a couple of times (at night)”…

if typhus is related to ricketts disease then keeping a high Vitamin C level might be a good preventative…

Ok here is me again…I discovered that if you rub the topical anti-scabies cream (NIX dermal cream is available at Shoppers Drug Mart stores in Ontario over the counter but you have to ask the pharmacist for it- it costs around 24 dollars), all through your hair & at the back of your neck, ears, chest, before you go to bed, then when you crawl into bed, you may still feel some bugs biting you, but then after a few minutes they die because of the cream…Also I took the last three anti-parasitic pills from Combantrin (link to Combantrin consumer information-I got my over the counter from the pharmacist as well- cost also about 24 dollars-well worth the peace of mind if you think a bug went into your mouth or nose), & that made me feel better too (I keep imagining I have bugs hatching in my throat)…The two non-deet insect repellent patches made of thiamine B1 I’m not sure if they kept the bugs at bay but I seem to be slimmer this morning so that is nice…


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