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Book 12 Grove Health science by Grove Canada

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Our book! Grove Body Part Chart:A Medical Arts Innovation…Read it right here!

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2013…In review…yep it’s over, I’m done & have moved on to 2014…

I have moved my clock to 2014…Daylight Savings Time Canadian style…Why move forward an hour when you can move forward a year?

So here is my work summary so far from 2013:


Coal miners’ daughters, fillerup gas station attendants at gas stations, People who use wood to burn fires & inhale the fumes or live in a closed space so the wood fire burns & they inhale it, people who work in parking lots or attend a university that sits beside a highway that is heavily trafficked by cars & airplanes, people who work at airports-ALL share an EXCESS of CARBON, like oil…
-All share common visual symptoms, including fatness, large breasts, large hips, large belly, large thighs, large face, indications that corroborate my first observation & conclusion that the trigger is excess oil also called fat…
-All share a “LOOK” of stupidity…The look of dumbness…Mute? Lowered frontal lobe appearance…Shortened forehead…More of a monkey than a human forehead, for a human…Reduced frontal lobe activity one would surmise…

Ok, that’s it for now…

Oh…The antidote…

BTW By the way: These tendencies fall into the category of Down’s Syndrome…Lesser or greater…

Antidote & organ involved:

The antidote to excess carbon oil fat is Nitrogen green things like chlorophyll like barley grass powder like green beans but alot…Green things…Lying on green grass…

The organ involved is/are the kidneys…

Within the kidneys & yes there are two are two elements…

Carbon C

Nitrogen N

carbon is like oil or when you chop wood there is oil or when you work in a coal mine there is oil or gas stations use oil or airplanes use oil or cars use oil…

Nitrogen is like green grass or barley grass or wheat grass or chlorophyll or plants that are green or the stems of plants or green beans…

So that is how you cure Down’s Syndrome…With green things…

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2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,300 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 7 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Agarwood… Agar harvest sells Agar products…I got a bracelet ($8.00) & some tea ($5.00)…

What exactly is Agarwood? Ok, so without copying & pasting info from the net, this is what I understand…

There is a tree…That tree has normal coloured wood, like a light beige colour…Sometimes this tree gets a fungus…A mold of sorts…The tree responds to the attack by the fungus by producing a darker rich resin…The wood of the tree then takes a darker colour from the resin, this medicinal resin…When people refer to Agarwood they are referring to this darker wood that is imbued with this rich medicinal resin…

So you can buy Agarwood tea, Agarwood bracelets, Agarwood incense to burn, & more…

I read that traditionally Chinese medicine uses Agarwood for cirrhosis of the liver…

Here is my Grove BodyPartChart, a map of the body for DIY health…bodypartchartgrove1234

Ok, so now if Agarwood is used to correct cirrhosis of the liver, that gives us some important clues as to what it is…

Cirrhosis is an excess of Hydrogen in the liver…Too much liquid, whether water or alcohol (which is really just very heavy water), the liver becomes drowned…The antidote to a drowning liver is Oxygen…(See our body part chart)…

So if Agarwood is used to correct cirrhosis, then the resin is an Oxygen heavy resin…The common cold is also too much Hydrogen, so Agarwood would work here too…

Now, interesting…If Agarwood is caused by a mold, & the resin is a response to a mold, then logically the resin is the antidote for mold…

Recently, at Bluffer’s park, one of our Trumpeter swans arrived back from the States with aspergillus…Aspergillus is a type of mold that infects swans & other waterbirds…

Theoretically, if the Agarwood resin is an antidote for mold, then Agarwood should work to help our Trumpeter swans to overcome aspergillus…

But also it helps to understand how we can help our Canadian Trumpeter swans better…

If aspegillus mold responds to the heavily oxygenated Agarwood resin, then the aspergillus mold must also be characterized by too much hydrogen…

Now, if one observes our Trumpeters, one sees that they are spending most of their time on water…Why? because every time they try to rest on land, a person comes by, a dog comes by, a car comes by, a child scares them…Our Lake Ontario shores have no designated space where our waterbirds can come on land to rest…So they are stuck in the water, for safety…

If we designated some of our shore land, Trumpeter swan only, or waterbird only, with barriers so dogs & people could not approach on the beach, then our waterbirds could rest on the beach…

There is shoreland at Bluffer’s park…At the moment, people & dogs can walk on it…It would not be hard nor expensive to section off parts of that shore for swans & other birds…Even a small fence would do…

Then our Trumpeters could safely come onto land to rest…To dry off & warm up…Then they would not have the problem of excess hydrogen in their lungs…Excess water…Then they could get more oxygen…Then the aspergillus mold which is a sign of too much water in the liver, would not plague & kill our birds…

The Trumpeter swans here in Ontario are part of a restoration program…The Ministry of Natural Sources & a whole lot of people love them & really want to take care of them well…Let’s help them by giving some shoreland to these beautiful giant polar bears of waterbirds…Get your local parks & recreation guys & dolls to maybe even put some groynes (rocks) along some portions of beach, so the beach can be safe for the swans…In England they put out piles of reeds too, so the swans can build their own nests…From November to April, the Trumpeter swan society feeds our wintering swans…Join that society too & then participate by helping to feed our Trumpeter swans in winter…I bring wild bird seed, the Red Ribbon brand, from Canadian Tire…(An 18 kilogram bag costs around $15.00)…The Trumpeters will eat from your hands & I like to do that because then your hand’s warmth warms up their cold bills…

A Trumpeter swan has a black bill…That is how you know which one they are…

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My mum gave me 3 white Amaryllis plants in honour of the 16th anniversary of my marriage to my husband…

white Amaryllis 3 plants ‘Cause she is so happy she is not stuck with me anymore!!! (just kidding)…amaryllis 2 fri.dec.14,2012ama 4

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FSCO & complaints regarding credit card insurance in Ontario:

My advice to anyone needing a refund on credit card insurance in Ontario, from any bank operating insurance selling activity from unlicensed brokers, via telemarketing, is to file an official complaint with the FSCO (The Financial Services Commission of Ontario)…They can be found online easily & the complaint form can also be filed online…It will take possibly a year or more for you to get your refund from the bank’s insurance division, but at least you will get your money back…As long as you are willing to wait patiently for the FSCO to get around to pushing for your refund, it will happen…In the meantime, try to consolidate your debt as much as possible, with a year’s wait to a year & a bit, in mind, as the possible timing of getting that money back…

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Book by Sari, as part of GroveOrganicks…

top of the head

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groveorganicsbrainthymus When you click on this file link it opens up to a picture that shows how important the Thymus Gland is to the flow or impulse control of the human brain…If manganese in the Thymus (NOT the thyroid gland which is different), If manganese Mn in the Thymus controls flow then Iron controls impulse…Mn allows things to flow ( a peanut contains Mn manganese (NOT Magnesium which is different), a peanut encourages flow whilst a Pyrite or iron or marcasite rock Controls impulse…B12 is just iron with a little fat (carbon is fat in the Kidneys)…Fat or C carbon helps Iron in B12 to absorb better…Btw, By the Way, you have two kidneys & two eyes! Did you know that? Two! & Two! What other organs are there two of in the body? Hint…Almost All…(Can you think of three organs that are all similar? Hint, a blood cell, a nerve cell & a neuron, are all the same just in different LOCATIONS…When in Rome be a blood cell, when in France be a nerve cell, when in Germany be a neuron…

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GAIM : grove art in medicine

Brouillon Rough Updates:
 Suicidal is your liver damage, lice make holes in your skin...
blood tests...

 Violets contain iodine adrenals

 Overfluoridated water cuts holes in Callah lily leaves add 
charcoal to water

 Red chai tea contains aluminum 

 Carrots instead of cigarettes 

 Cacao bean for muscular dystrophy agent orange cigarettes
 sunburn zinc excess thyroid bone growth

 Seaweed masks for face skin cancer

 Salt mimics mercury silicone bilirubin 

 Chitin calcium iodine plus carbon nitrogen chlorophyll
bile ?

 For liver back pain drowning, try hyperventilating 

 Cerebral palsy needs bones on top of cartilage 

 Back pain left side sciatica liver full of heavy 
water vodka 
massage to pee or & pooh rapini

 Back pain right side heavy bread eater posit kidneys 
clog , 
pancreas sugar clog, bladder pipes : treat with canola
 olive oil & garlic ...

 Left neck pain is lungs lymph node system pulmonary

 Crabapple contains mercury hg cyanosis oxygen
 gallbladder liver 
iodine adrenal gland

 Hg + mg= cartilage gallbladder 

 K+man. = potassium permanganate, seeks pumpkin 
seeds Mn 
(Flint charcoal Bi ) heart thymus colon

 Cold symptoms from hg poison try lavender mg

 Cold common try goji berry o2 liver

 Headache paint turps try garlic some yogurt 

 Headache pain extreme glue powder acrylic latex 
adhesive cement
 try goji berries go for a walk in o2 environment 

 Gangrene is n nitrogen kidneys try oil olive 

 if parent m (XY) has spleen damage: cure; (large organ 
needs chelated 
copper to fix)(has excess phosphorus turquoise present
 blueness mold 
Parkinson's is similar to a pigeon? because pigeons have
 been kicked? in the spleen left side...)
then child f (xx) has thymus damage: needs iron, will have
manganese peanuts low blood pressure
& child m (xy) has gallbladder damage: has mercury excess
 possible dyslexia adhd autism, needs magnesium Mg to 
soften, or needs plenty of exercise or both, to knock down 
hard mercury cinnabar zhu sha red sand cartilage
 (hard cartilage breaks whilst softened cartilage bends 
with the wind) the
 tree that bends with the wind does not break...somebody 
(cmd is chinese medical doctor)...

  if parent f (XX) has kidney (2) damage: give canola & olive
 oil carbon C to
 unblock gangrenous green Nitrogens chlorophylls straw 
  then child m (xy) has pancreas damage; give selenium
 garlic selenite 
(moonstone beads contains selenite Se aluminum Al &
 potassium K), reduce sulfur block reduce sugar levels, 
insulin is both garlic & lower form 
antibiotic which sucks up sugar infections (infections 
can feed on sugar
  & child f (xx) has ___liver damage___ (posit)___; why 
liver damage 
sciatica? because liver is smaller than 2 kidneys, pancreas 
has been taken by brother, so what is left is left side of body
 under left kidney, so liver or? if
 liver then take Goji berries Oxygen, take walks in fresh air,
 eat rapini, 
dandelion greens, Cyanidins contain Oxygen...reduce water 
liquids, heavy 
waters like alcohol reduce...

Moderation is key, balance, simplicity...

Conclusion: child f (xx) has liver damage, needs 
Goji berries, fresh air with O2, dandelion greens,
rapini ( a green vegetable),(lesser broccoli,
 bok choy)...

if child f (xx) has children then liver damage becomes 
split to two m's, say (xy) (xy)
then one m (xy) inherits lesser than liver but 
on left side (to older male dominant xy) 
say sciatica neurasthenia nerve damage left side-needs 
chlorophyll like E3live or green things assuming mother
 f (xx) has
overcompensated by trying to cure kidney block by 
overdoing C 
carbon oil so then son is fine but lacking in Nitrogen 
chlorophyll ironically!
& other m(xy) younger inherits split to right side posit
spinal column tailbone damage osteoporosis thyroid damage,
if thyroid is operator for bones lead + zinc department. 
lead found in carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes lesser, 
pencils, old lead plomb plumbing pipes. Posit younger child
got gets ignored as per usual, then lead is still fine as
remedy...prefers OZ olanzapine zyprexa (an lead 
lithium based drug with a cool name)!
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